Diet and Dental Health

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Teeth are the first organs of our body that come in physical contact with what we eat. The tongue helps to relish the taste, but the teeth help to make the food useful for the body by breaking it down.

Just like we eat a balanced diet to nourish our body parts, a proper diet is needed for healthy teeth too. Apart from brushing your teeth, a good  diet also plays a major role in prevention of tooth decay.

Wise dietary choices

A balanced diet & limited snacking between meals are a must

High fibre foods: Leafy vegetables, root vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains are all foods that provide good amount of fibre to the digestive system, help in maintaining good dental health as well.

Water: Significance of drinking the right amount of water is known to all. Water is  also vital for good dental health. Water naturally has fluoride, which is essential for healthy teeth.  Right amount of fluoride intake maintains the health of teeth & helps in prevention of dental cavities.

Dairy Foods: Dairy foods like milk, cheese, butter milk etc, provide the essential calcium required for the right health of teeth. Regular consumption of dairy foods nourishes the bones, including teeth.

What types of food can be avoided ?

Sticky & hard candies: Children love candies, but consuming too many candies can be destructive to the teeth surfaces. Chewy toffees  can get stuck to the teeth for a longer time & cause cavities. Hard candies dissolve slowly and saturate the mouth.

Cookies/ Crackers: They are high in Carbohydrates, hence they quickly break down in the oral cavity, causing the harmful bacteria to attack the tooth and cause teeth cavities

Coffee: Consumption of excessive coffee or tea leads to staining of  teeth. These stains are more persistent and may cause teeth discolouration.

Soda : All sodas have high sugar content & they are also highly acidic, which may lead to teeth erosion.

Citrus fruits: It is quite surprising, but excessive consumption of citrus fruits can lead to erosion of teeth. The citric acid present in these fruits can possibly harm the teeth if taken in excess. Although, Oranges & grapefruit are known to contain high levels of Vitamin C that can actually slow down gum disease , when consumed in moderation

Early childhood caries / Baby bottle caries:

This usually occurs in very young children (0-5 years) when they fall asleep while drinking milk or juice from their feeding bottle . The liquid pools around the mouth, hence causing cavities in the anterior teeth. Hence, avoid putting the child to sleep with the bottle with any sweet liquids. Please take your child to the dentist by the 1st birthday.

Always rinse or brush after taking sugary food. Night brushing is extremely important.

The foods recommended for good dental health are also  necessary for the overall health of the body. Being aware of what to eat and what not to eat can improve your dental health, especially during this pandemic .

Eat well, Stay Healthy !!

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