Why are Milk Teeth just as Important as Permanent Teeth?

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Human teeth, as we know fall in two types Primary teeth i.e., Milk teeth and Permanent teeth. For many of us, the Milk teeth start growing from six months of age and till the age of 25 months, until all 20 milk teeth are seen.

These teeth help the child with chewing, biting and similar other tasks. They usually function till the age of 11-12 years. Gradual shedding is seen in the milk teeth from the age of 5.5-6yrs upto 12 years. It might even get delayed in a few of them. The permanent teeth replace them and usually stay on till old age.

The usual perception is that the milk teeth don’t hold much importance as they are to be replaced. The perception needs to be changed now. The health of milk teeth is as important as permanent teeth. Just like adults visit a dentist for tooth ache, the same is true for children’s deciduous teeth. Hence the role of a Paediatric dentist is gaining importance, considering the significance of Milk Teeth.

Following are the reasons that emphasize the importance of Milk Teeth:

  • Provides Alignment: The primary teeth create space for the permanent teeth. This helps in giving the adult teeth correct alignment & space. So this avoids issues like overlapping teeth.
  • Health of Permanent teeth: The roots of milk teeth and permanent teeth are placed close to each other. If the milk teeth develop cavities, it could affect the roots of the permanent teeth growing below.
  • Affects Overall health: The basic task of teeth is cutting the food into smaller pieces, hence helping the process of digestion that is to follow. If the milk teeth with cavities are left untreated it can lead to spread in the infection to other parts of the oral cavity, such as throat infection in many children. 

Usually children tend to swallow food, instead of chewing it well, if the tooth is paining. Improperly chewed food can lead to digestive               problems.

  • Speech and facial development: The positioning of teeth affect speech. The muscles of the lips, tongue and cheek move when we speak. The right alignment of teeth helps in the right positioning of these muscles. This ultimately helps in correct pronunciation.

The right alignment of teeth gives face the correct shape. Incorrectly placed teeth can lead to problems like protruding jaw line or large lips.

  • Self-confidence & Concentration : Though this issue is not directly related to physical health, it is equally important. If the child is suffering from tooth pain, he/she will not be able to concentrate on any activity. This can lead to loss of focus and self-esteem.

Hence, the habit of neglecting the dental health of child can lead to serious challenges in the future.  Children should be trained to clean their teeth properly. Good dental health practices like brushing twice a day with a fluoridated tooth paste will help in developing healthier and confident children.

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